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Wpisy z okresu: 7.2007

K: Well… Usually normal photos are better in quality… but still I’m quite impressed by your mobile… And it’s abilities obviously

S: maybe, but still… it’s not perfect :P

K: Nobody/nothing is…. Call me nobody ;)

S: so in that case I can be „nothing” :P

K: Nothing and nobody … What a perfect connection

S: indeed.

K: Hmmm… In this reply I can see influences of Kelsen’s philosophy and some idea of truthfull truth which is easy to find in Kirkagaard’s theory ;)

S: nevermind… (Nietzsche)

K: … (Schopenhauer)

S: good girls gone bad… (Rihanna)

To tyle na temat filozofii :]

skwir (pod postacią mojej skromnej osoby) zaczyna coś jeść,
Kalafiorek okazuje zainteresowanie i pyta:

K: co jesz?
S: co zając?
K: co niedźwiedź?
S: parówkę
K: aha to dobranoc

samo życie.

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