Hello Everybody

First part of Internet clue:

I hope that YOU like our tresure hunt. I HAVE TO say that you must GO TO find next clue. THE weather is quite good today, but not as good as they show us on a VIDEO. My ROOM in host family is not very big AND tidy, but I can WATCH tv there. TWO days ago i saw very interesting FILMS. aaa’A, I have forgotten to say you, that my GRANDparents will call me next week. I will toDAY play some OUT’dors games with my host family AND friends. My boyfriend said me that I’m ‚PRETTY. Our afternoon teacher is a WOMAN’, her name is Amy.

Second part of Internet clue:

From ferst movie you hane to find first colorful number, which is on the paper written by some funny man. It will be in the begining of the film

From second film ypu should notice first good heard sentence which is told by Richard Gere. It will be password for your prize.

If only you want it… :D